Telescoping pneumatic mast constructed of weather-resistant anodized aluminum with easy-to-operate .GOLDEN MASTS design and manufacture a range of lightweight pneumatic & push up masts, perfect for many mobile applications such as antenna testing, lighting, meteorological surveys and aerial photography.We design and manufacture a large range of accessories for each mast, including mast tripods, under wheel mounts, spigots, brackets, cable guides, vehicle mounting brackets and pan & tilt positioners.

The GOLDEN Masts MT Series range of pneumatic telescopic masts have a base tube diameter of Φ55-Φ87MM and a maximum of four telescopic sections. GOLDEN masts offer a very wide range of models and headload ranges up to 20kg and extended heights from 2.7m to 5.7m. MB Series range of pneumatic telescopic masts with Lock key to keep same height all time. 
The ultimate telescoping GOLDEN Mast. MT Series are an ideal solution where a high degree of stability is required.
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GOLDEN MASTS high-position series lifting mast is a lifting device specially designed for vehicle-mounted mobile equipment. The mast is fixed inside the carriage or around the car body, and vertically lifts the lighting equipment, camera equipment, antenna equipment, shelters,field mounted, roof trolley mounted or trailer mounted  etc., to achieve customer-predetermined functions.

GOLDEN MASTS high-position series lifting masts can be arbitrarily selected from 2.3m-5.7m in different heights according to requirements. If the height of this range cannot meet the user's work needs, our company can customize it according to user requirements.

We Are One Of The Biggest Manufacturer for PNEUMATIC MAST NON-LOCKING In China, OEM PNEUMATIC MAST and Non-MOQ...

Telescoping Mast Trailer

Optional Color: Silver Or Bronze Heights up to: 3.5M - 15M Headloads: 50KG -120KG Materials body:Aluminum Max.diameter of Mast: Φ68 - Φ210mm

Telescopic Mast Manufacturers

Standard Color: silver Heights up to: 3.5M - 15M Headloads: 50KG -120KG Materials body: Aluminum Max.diameter of Mast: Φ68

Pneumatic Mast MB Series Non-locking Internal Cable

Model:  MB series Standard Color: Bronze Or silver Heights up to: 2.3M - 5.7M Headloads: 20KG Materials tube: aluminium-m

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