What are strobe lights most commonly used for?

What are strobe lights most commonly used for?

Strobe lights are most commonly associated with emergency vehicles lights, like the ones used on police cars and ambulances, but they can also benefit construction trucks too. The main aim of any strobe light is to draw attention. This is especially important as you need to be able to effectively warn surrounding people and vehicles of dangers that may be present in the workplace.

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strobe lights protect your safety

Whether you are on a construction site in the middle of nowhere, parked at the side of the road or you are transporting heavy items to a building site, the safety of your construction truck is incredibly important. Being able to warn those around you of your presence with an amber led light bar won’t just help them to make decisions, but also keep your workmen safer by indicating that they are there too.

Strobe lights are such a simple technology when you really think about it, but being able to program a strobe light bar and place them strategically is quite possibly one of the best ways to ensure the safety of everyone.

strobe lights protect your safety

Why Use LEDs as Opposed to Other Types of Strobe Light?

LED strobe lights are rapidly becoming the norm for use on many different types of vehicles. They are much longer lasting, much more durable and far more efficient than other types of bulb. As LEDs are made differently and don’t use heated filaments as other lights do, they are much less fragile. This makes them ideal for use on a construction site where there is likely to be a lot of ground movement and vibration throughout the works. However if you are looking for different types of construction vehicle lights, click here.

While earlier versions of energy efficient light bulbs took time to light up, now the vast majority of LED strobe lights are instantly active, just what you need in an emergency situation. They are also easier to control and you can program the lights to flash at a particular speed or brightness to best convey your message without dazzling people. You may also choose to program different light patterns to indicate different things to your workmen such as warnings and signs that work is in progress.

Why Use LEDs as Opposed to Other Types of Strobe Light?

Safety and Warning Lights

Construction strobe lights are particularly effective when they are used to warn people that a truck is there and people may be working around it. This is particularly beneficial on noisy construction sites where a sound signal such as a siren may not be heard clearly, or could be echoed and become difficult to place. Strobe lights are by their nature highly eye catching and therefore should draw the attention of anyone getting close.

Another good reason to get strobe lights on your construction truck is to indicate to other drivers that they should follow at a safe distance and be aware of your presence on the road. Large construction trucks, especially those carrying a heavy or cumbersome load, will often take up considerably more space on the road and having lights to indicate where the sides of the vehicle are will help drivers seeking to overtake safely maneuver around you.

Safety and Warning Lights
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The ability to suppress sunlight: When shooting outdoors, the flash can suppress the natural light of the sun to achieve very special effects.

An important consideration when buying a flash is the guide number for the flash. The guide number is a measure of the power of a flash and indicates the maximum distance at which the flash can properly illuminate a subject. A higher index means the flash will be able to reach further distances, so if you plan to shoot at greater distances, you will want to look for a flash with a high index.

The power consumption of strobe lights will vary depending on the specific model and the settings it is used in. It's always a good idea to check the power consumption of any lighting device before using it to make sure it doesn't exceed the available power.

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