What types of telescoping masts are there?

What types of telescoping masts are there?

Telescoping Mast include Locking type and Non-Locking type
Heavy-Duty pneumatic telescoping mast constructed of weather-resistant anodized aluminum with easy-to-operate and rugged positive locking pins for safe, long-term deployment without air pressure. The strength of the Ultra Heavy-Duty Mast delivers significant unguyed performance, providing easier antenna deployment, broadcast applications,Fire truck light tower, in paved parking lots and urban areas.

Pneumatic non-locking telescoping masts are ideal for deployment of transmission or surveillance equipment. Available in both Standard Duty and Heavy-Duty models, these masts offer a light weight elevation solution with a high payload capacity. These lightweight and reliable masts provide precise directional azimuth with full-length keyways and can be trailer or vehicle mounted.

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GOLDEN MASTS manufacturing locations are backed by a certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

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We have the capability to produce large quantity orders as well as one-off tailor made mast systems.

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90% of the company's products are sold to Europe, Asia, America and other parts of the world.

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GOLDEN MASTS designs and manufactures the most comprehensive line of standard and custom telescopic masts using high quality materials with industry leading engineering and quality testing practices to provide our customers with the world’s best mobile masts.

GOLDEN MASTS telescopic masts and tower systems provide comprehensive solutions for a wide range of needs, including mobile communications, broadcast, cellular, fire services and surveillance applications. 
Unsurpassed in quality craftsmanship and durability, our electro mechanical and pneumatic telescopic masts provide for higher, heavier and more precise payload applications

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Advantages of our Telescoping Mast

Telescoping Mast are in use with many armed forces around the world. We can supply our Telescoping mast systems packed in military grade soft cases, with fully illustrated manuals and operating instructions.

Telescoping mast section is made from high strength carbon composite material offering distinct advantages over aluminum or steel. This composite tube gives the best strength to weight ration available. Carbon tubes are inherently dent resistant. They have a slot and pin design that locks them together preventing rotation. Each tube has a fiberglass protective outer coating that is UV and scratch resistant.Telescoping mast offer a light weight elevation solution with a high payload capacity. These vehicle or trailer mounted telescoping pneumatic locking masts feature locking collars that allow the mast to remain extended indefinitely without air pressure.

Advantages of our Telescoping Mast

Telescoping Mast function

Telescopic Mast is for flood lighting either using portable tripod stands or mostly mounted to a vehicle. There is a wide range ranging from manual push up masts through to folding automatic systems with remote control pan and tilt heads. Powered from either the vehicle electrical system or from a separate generator the range of lighting heads and arrangements is wide. Masts are available in non turning versions for all round scene lighting or turnable for directional flood lighting or with remote control pan and tilt Robot heads. Telescopic mast will be Air for the mast extension is provided either by hand pump, low voltage air compressor units or on larger vehicles from the vehicle air system via a pressure regulator. 

Telescoping Mast function

Different kinds of telescopic mast

Telescoping Mast include Aluminum Telescoping Mast, Automatic Telescoping Mast,Crank Up Telescoping Mast,Hand Crank Telescoping Mast,Heavy Duty Telescoping Mast,Hurry Up Telescoping Mast,Military Telescoping Antenna Mast,Pneumatic Telescoping Mast Vehicle Roof,Portable Telescoping Camera Mast,Roof-mounted Pneumatic Telescoping Mast;Telescoping mast with a wide range of mounting accessories and also a range of fittings allowing you to safely attach your headload to the mast top either permanently or for repid deployment.
Telescopic mast will be Air for the mast extension is provided either by hand pump, low voltage air compressor units or on larger vehicles from the vehicle air system via a pressure regulator.

Different kinds of telescopic mast
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The most common application calls for an upper and lower bracket.The brackets are secured to a vertical surface which allow the Telescoping mast to be fixed into a vertical position.Lightweight Mast Bracket can be found here.Tripods:The lightweight Telescoping mast can be equiped with 3 leg tripods.Free Standing Structure:Quad-pod structures are 4 leg assemblies available for GOLDEN Masts

Pneumatic telescoping mast use air pressure to quickly extend and retract the mast. Hand pumps, foot pumps and electric pumps are typically used to raise and lower pneumatic telescoping mast. The heavy duty telescoping mast can be controlled via the standard hand pump or the optional 12/24v DC electric compressor both which will elevate and retract in under 3-5 minutes.

Light weight and Heavy Duty telescoping mast typically range in size from 10-50 feet and some models even have “lockable collars” or “Non-Lockable”that keep the mast extended for longer deployments and also can reduce or restrict the extended height as needed for special applications such as AI, LPR, facial recognition or other end uses. Any applications requiring high-precision or elevating beyond 30 feet should be properly guyed. All masts have a wind speed or wind survival rating based upon extended height, mast material, mast diameter, how it is mounted, the payload or head load and lastly, whether it’s guyed or not.

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