What is light tower?

What is light tower?

A light tower is a piece of mobile equipment which has one or more high-intensity electric lamps and a mast. Light towers are positioned to shine the light on a designated area. The mast attaches to a trailer-like base that serves as an anchor to balance the tower, allowing the unit to be towed from site to site.

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GOLDEN MASTS manufacturing locations are backed by a certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

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We have the capability to produce large quantity orders as well as one-off tailor made mast systems.

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90% of the company's products are sold to Europe, Asia, America and other parts of the world.

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GOLDEN MASTS designs and manufactures the most comprehensive line of standard and custom telescopic masts using high quality materials with industry leading engineering and quality testing practices to provide our customers with the world’s best mobile masts.

GOLDEN MASTS telescopic masts and tower systems provide comprehensive solutions for a wide range of needs, including mobile communications, broadcast, cellular, fire services and surveillance applications. 
Unsurpassed in quality craftsmanship and durability, our electro mechanical and pneumatic telescopic masts provide for higher, heavier and more precise payload applications

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Portable application light tower

Portable lighting towers can be used for a variety of purposes. Lighting towers are particularly useful for construction. During the months when days are shorter, the need for light towers increases significantly. Portable light towers allow workers to complete their tasks even after the sun sets. In addition to enhancing visibility and protecting workers from injuries, light towers prevent fatal accidents that can sometimes happen. The majority of construction projects require a constant light source because workers work overtime and at night in order to finish the job on time. In such situations, a portable light tower is very helpful.

Portable application light tower

light tower | Make the roads safer with our balloon lights

Specialized type of luminaire, balloon lights are ideal for the night highway construction works, incident management works, and other public security works including police checkpoints. Our balloon lights offer extra-security to the accident-prone areas in the night times.

light tower | Make the roads safer with our balloon lights

Why are light tower important to the construction industry?

Light towers are important to the construction industry because they provide a portable and reliable source of lighting for construction sites. This is especially important for nighttime construction, or for construction that takes place in areas where there is limited access to electricity. Light towers are also typically equipped with powerful floodlights that can provide illumination for large areas, allowing workers to see clearly and work safely. Additionally, light towers are typically mounted on sturdy bases or trailers, which makes them easy to move around the construction site as needed. This is particularly useful for construction projects that are spread out over a large area, or that require lighting in multiple locations.

Why are light tower important to the construction industry?

LED Lighting Towers - Construction Industry

For all construction projects, long or short term, the range of sustainable, mobile, LED lighting towers are great for the construction industry.LED lighting towers are typically considered to be more sustainable and energy-efficient than traditional lighting options, which can help to reduce the environmental impact of a construction project. They are also often more portable and flexible, allowing them to be easily moved and set up in different areas of a construction site as needed. 

LED Lighting Towers - Construction Industry
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A light tower is a tall structure with a high-powered light on top that is used to provide lighting over a large area. They are often used at construction sites, ports, airports, and other places where temporary or permanent lighting is needed. Some light towers also have sirens or other warning systems to alert people in the area of potential hazards.

In general, most light towers are designed to run for several hours before needing to be refilled or recharged. Some light towers may be equipped with a generator that allows them to run for even longer periods of time. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific light tower to ensure that it is used safely and efficiently.

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