What is a military mast?

What is a military mast?

Our Military Mast systems are used by international forces around the globe, to provide communications, surveillance, reconnaissance support etc. throughout the battlefield.

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Quality Certification

GOLDEN MASTS manufacturing locations are backed by a certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Professional equipment

We have the capability to produce large quantity orders as well as one-off tailor made mast systems.

Global trade

90% of the company's products are sold to Europe, Asia, America and other parts of the world.

Global Leading Manufacturer

GOLDEN MASTS has built a reputation for providing market leading solutions with lifetime reliability and support, we are proud to share this message and drive for quality.

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Military Masts

GOLDEN MASTS designs and manufactures the most comprehensive line of standard and custom telescopic masts using high quality materials with industry leading engineering and quality testing practices to provide our customers with the world’s best mobile masts.

GOLDEN MASTS telescopic masts and tower systems provide comprehensive solutions for a wide range of needs, including mobile communications, broadcast, cellular, fire services and surveillance applications. 
Unsurpassed in quality craftsmanship and durability, our electro mechanical and pneumatic telescopic masts provide for higher, heavier and more precise payload applications

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Portable Military Mast Systems

Our Mast designs the most advanced mast systems for communications and surveillance. Our masts are used with military and government organizations. Portable Military Networks are dependent on speed of deployment, reliability and the versatility of the platform. Portable Military Mast Systems has an on-going commitment to provide the military with purpose-built solutions for every conceivable operating environment. We pioneer portable masts that exceed the most demanding specifications in any war zone or hostile environment. Securely transportable with a unique sectional assembly & no-tools required design, a Portable Military Mast Systems can be deployed in minutes, getting multiple devices in the air, fast.

Portable Military Mast Systems

How The Military Uses Telescopic Masts

For Navigation Purposes

For Communication

For Drone Tracking

For Surveillance

For Meteorological Purposes

Military Masts Are an Essential Piece of Equipment for the Military

How The Military Uses Telescopic Masts

Military masts are versatile

The telescopic mast systems are specially designed in order to be used in both civil and military areas, whether land or marine.Telescopic masts are versatile structures that can be used in a variety of settings, including both civil and military applications. These masts are typically composed of a series of interlocking tubes that can be extended and retracted, allowing them to be easily deployed and adjusted to suit a variety of needs. Telescopic masts are commonly used in a range of applications, including communications, surveillance, and lighting. In military settings, they are often used to support antennas and other equipment, providing soldiers with a reliable and portable means of staying connected on the battlefield. In civil settings, telescopic masts are commonly used in construction, emergency response, and other situations where a temporary, adjustable mast is needed.

Military masts are versatile
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